World opera masterpieces

"La Traviata" is ideal  for the first acquaintance with Opera because it tells about understandable feelings. Its music is familiar to everyone without exception, and the performance itself, you'll notice this is "a feast for eyes". On June 11 there is a special offer for opera lovers – tickets in stalls – 300 rubles.

Few operas can be compared to "Carmen". She is among the three most popular operas in the world and is sung in different languages. This is understandable -  in this Opera there is not only a lot of beautiful melodies, "Carmen" is extraordinarily dramatic. The story of the freedom-loving gypsy, choosing between life, love and liberty, on May 21, on the stage of Musical theatre of Karelia.

On May 31 –opera "Il Barbire di Siviglia". Immortal opera by Gioachino Rossini based on the comedy by Pierre Beaumarchais. A series of clever traps, the conglomeration of absurdities, funny jokes and divine music!

Operas are performed in the original language!