musical fairytale in one act


Stage Director - Gennady Chikhachev 

Set and costume Designer - Honored Artist of Russia Yuri Dolomanov 

Choreographer - Elena Sidorova


Mouse with a Frog bake pies, Hedgehog guards the house, Cock plays a harmonica ... The peaceful life of the inhabitants of teremok gets broken when Wolf, Bear and Fox decide to dine cock. But all ends happily: teremok stays unbroken, villains are chased away and all the inhabitants of teremok continue living in there on good terms. So in the genre of fairy tale reveals the simple truth - friendship can withstand any evil and support of friends helps to keep the common home and the world around.

Duration: 50 minutes

For viewers over 0 years old

More info: http://mrteatr.ru/repertoire/4410.html