Nasto,the Beauty

Anastasia Salo

musical fairytale in one act


Libretto by J.Gendeleva based on the self-titled Karelian folk fairytale


Stage Director – Snezhana Saveleva

Musical  Director – Mikhail Sinkevich

Production Designer  - Elisei Shepelev


On the Musical theatre’s stage starts a new life one of the most famous and favourite Karelian tales. Magic and witchcraft, miracles and transformations, collisions of good and evil forces...

How could kind and nice girl Nasto be hold in captive? Why witch Syuoyatar replace Nasto for her daughter? Who saved the beauty and defeated the evil spirits? All the answers - in our performance, all miracles happen before your eyes!

Artwork "Nasto, The Beauty"  was created specially  for Musical Theatre of Karelia!

Premiere date: 23 December  2014

Duration: 45 minutes

For viewers over years old

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