La Traviata

J. Verdi

opera in two acts


Stage Director - Yuri Aleksandrov 

Musical Director - Victor Levchuk, Vladimir Kulagin

Production Designer - Vyacheslav Okunev 

Choreographer -  Anastasia Kadruleva 

Choirmaster - Aleksandr Zorin



ViolettaValery - Elvina Mullina, Natalia Landovskaya

Alfredo Germont - Pavel Polyaninov, Ivan Podoinikov, Chingiz Kadyrov


"La Traviata"? Again about one-way love? Who doesn’t know this story! Yes, "La Traviata"!

The story about the Woman who loved so strongly that won in an unequal struggle with the crowd opinion and found strength to sacrifice her love. Could such a passion ever become obsolete?! Every heart responds to it.

Brilliant melodies penetrate the soul, because this is – the love itself, tenderness, jealousy and despair. Is someone unfamiliar with these feelings ?! Music makes them even stronger and brighter. And the Italian is surprisingly clear - in fact it was created in order to talk about love.

"La Traviata" is  in the top three most popular operas in the world. Century and a half ago, she shocked the public: the heroine of the opera turned out to be a courtesan. But for the fatal and doomed Paris beauty it was a step into eternity: Verdi's music immortalized her.

Presented in Italian with simultaneous translation on the creeping  line.

Premiere date: 2 October 2009

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

For viewers over 12 years old

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