opera in 2 acts


Stage Director – Vasilii Zargetskii

Production Designer – Julia Goltsova

Musical Director – Mikhail Sinkevich

Choirmaster - Alexander Zorin

Conductor - Vladimir Kulagin


Iolanta - Natalia Landovskaya, Olga Maslova, Anastasia Averina

Rene,King of Provence - Alexander Vatolkin, Vadim Mokin, Andrei Blahovskii

Robert, Duke of Burgundy - Vyacheslav Khavrenok, Pavel Nazarov

Count Vaudemont - Ivan Podoinikov, Pavel Polyaninov, Chingiz Kadyrov

Ibn - Hakia - Vyacheslav Terentev, Renat Chuganaev

Musical theatre is presenting the project "The Birth of the Play"! On 21 April we will be glad to present premiere of P. I. Tchaikovsky's  opera "Iolanta". The work on the production is  incredibly complex and interesting. So born the idea to tell the story of staging  to our audience:

- presenting a sketch of the play,  finished work of Stage Director and Musical Director with artists: you can see relationship between characters, understand  Stage Director's interpretation of classical work  and  hear the opera wholly,

- inviting the audience  to  the open rehearsal, which was  held in spring,

-  and then to the premiere.

So the theatre gradually opens  to inquisitive  a viewer the mystery of the birth of the play, a viewer becomes  an eye witness and even, to some extent, a participant of the creative process.

"Iolanta" is the last and one of the most life-affirming works of Tchaikovsky. It is based on the  play of Danish playwright H. Hertz "King Rene's Daughter". This is the poetic story of a blind girl, which the Stage Director reveals how not only full of romance but also drama. Sudden love to a stranger knight ignites in her heart a passionate desire to see the world and gives birth to the courage to endure sufferings which could be the price for recovery of sight. But what will it bring to her?..

Arias and duets from this opera are widely known and warmly loved by the  audience: Robert's Aria "Who can be compared  with my Matilda", Iolanta's Arioso "Why is it that previously did not know", King Rene’s Aria, duet of Iolanta and Vaudemont, and more.

Premiere date: 21 April 2017

Duration - 1 hour 50 minutes

For viewers over 12 years old

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