Eugene Onegin

P.I. Tchaikovsky

Lyric opera in two acts

Libretto by P.I. Tchaikovsky and K.S. Shilovsky based on the eponymous novel by A.S. Pushkin.


Stage Director - Yuri Aleksandrov

Conductors - Mikhail Sinkevich, Victor Levchuk

Set and Costume Design - Vyacheslav Okunev 

Choreographer - Anastasia Kadruleva 

Choirmaster - Aleksandr Zorin



Tatiana –  Anastasia Averina , Natalya Landovskaya, Olga Maslova

Olga Evgeniya Gudkova, Margarita Chemduzh

Eugene OneginVyacheslav Khavrenok, Igor Makarov

Vladimir LenskyIvan Podoinikov , Pavel Polyaninov, Chingiz Kadyrov

Prince GreminAlexandr Vatolkin, Andrei Blahovskii, Vadim Mokin


Yuri Alexandrov calls this opera -  "the Gospel of the opera stage", which is essential to the life and soul of the Russian people. He is faithful to his principles of author and  associative direction, that  requires active participation and empathy of public. The director makes Tatiana the main character of his play and she becomes emotional and spiritual core of the dramatic events, her young vibrant imagination creates romantic story that is  rare on  beauty and unrealizability. The play is  her inner life, emotional outbursts, dreams about a beautiful knight and great love. Therefore, it is light, fantasy, not weighed down by cumbersome decorations and opera cliches. Vyacheslav Okunev found a sophisticated, stylish solution on creating sets and costumes that immerse the viewer in the era of Tchaikovsky. With almost weightless materials, lace weaves he creates on stage the atmosphere of  lightness  and airiness of  girlish dreams.

Premiere date: 4 November 2010

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

For viewers over 12 years old

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