opera in two acts


Libretto by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy based on the novel by Prosper Mérimée.

Russian text by S. Rozhnovsky


Stage Director - Yuri Alexandrov 

Production Designer - Vyacheslav Okunev 

Conductors- Mikhail Sinkevich, Viсtor Levchuk, Jesus Naveira

Choreographer - Nadezhda Kalinina 

Choirmaster - Aleksandr Zorin



Carmen - Evgeniya Gudkova, Zhanna Zapolskaya

Don Jose - Pavel Polyaninov

Escamillo - Andrei Blahovskii, Vadim Mokin

Micaela - Natalya Landovskaya, Olga Maslova


Opera "Carmen" was staged at Petrozavodsk scene for the first time in the theatre’s history. For Yuri Alexandrov it was also the first experience of the "Carmen" opera staging.He tried to go back to the first version of "Carmen" opera, recreate the way it was intended by Bizet: vocal parts in the play alternate with spoken scenes.Time and place of the action -  beginning of the nineteenth century, Seville and its surroundings. Main characters are gypsies, thieves, smugglers, cigar factory workers, women of easy virtue and bullfighters. What once made a scandal in an environment of decent French bourgeoisie - an appeal to the lower life and even criminal sectors of society - today is not surprising. Not exterior attributes but the inner content make the performance modern. Presented in French with simultaneous translation on the creeping line. Colloquial scenes are in Russian.

Premiere date: 1 December 2011

Duration: 3 hours

For viewers over 12 years old

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