The Little Humpbacked Horse

R. Shchedrin

fantasy ballet in two acts


Choreographer -  Nadezhda  Kalinina

Musical Director - Jorn Fossheim (Norway)

Production Designer  - Sergei Novikov

Lighting Design - Igor Tupikin

Video Artists – Kirill Malovichko, Oleg Mikhailov


Musical theatre staging based on P.P.Ershov fairytale is directed to both children and adults and is absolutely family friendly performance. Colorful and fantasy play tells the story of kindness and sympathy, courage and loyalty, love and friendship. It is full of  humor and magic, true fairy miracles and transformations: in front of the audience appear firebird, filly, subsea kingdom inhabitants and other fantastic characters. Some hints on our time will remind that this tale is modern at all times. Ballet is solved by means of the author's contemporary choreography with use of  Russian folklore.

Premiere date: 21 May 2013

Duration: 2 hours

For viewers over 6 years old