Swan Lake


ballet in 3 acts


Choreographer - Kirill Simonov ( based on Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov choreography)

Musical Director – Anatoly Rybalko

Conductor – Victor Levchuk

Production Designer - Emil Kapelusch 

Costume Designer  - Irina Korovina

Lighting Design – Evgeny Ganzburg



Odette- Yuka Idzumi, Yuki Okochi, Yuka Fukuda

Odille Yuka Fukuda, Yuki Okochi

Siegfried-  Motoya Araki

Von Rothbart - Zhargal Tubchinov

In "Swan lake" there are two worlds — the real one  and the fantastic one , between which, however, there is no insurmountable boundary. One is transformed by the reflection of the other  one and its inhabitants are endowed with human feelings. In the mysterious story about girls turned into swans  there is  oath of loyalty and the apparent betrayal, a quiet, mysterious beauty of an enchanted lake and a violent storm caused by an Evil Genius...

Kirill Simonov: "We stage  "Swan lake" as a true classic performance, trying to show it to an audience in the most accurate from a historical point of view, revision, based on original choreography by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov. But at the same time we stage  it in a different visual context: in modern scenery  with allusion to the ancient theatre, almost transparent, monochrome architectural painting and at the same time with historical costumes. This combination of the classics in the figure parts,  personages characters with fresh scenographic solution allows to have a new look at a well-known ballet and reveal its inner content, suggested primarily by the great Tchaikovsky's music".

Premiere date: 4 March 2017

Duration 2 hours 30 minutes

For viewers over 6 years old

More info:   http://mrteatr.ru/repertoire/current/12504.html