Don Quixote

Ludwig Minkus

Ballet in 3 acts


Libretto by Marius Petipa

Choreographer - Kirill Simonov

Based on the choreography of Marius Petipa and Aleksandr Gorsky

Musical Director - Victor Levchuk

Production Designer - Vyacheslav Okunev

Choreographer assistant – Ekaterina Kovaleva


“Don Quixote” is a special ballet. It is very old, but at the same time it is always new and forever young. This “Don Quixote” is far from the initial concept of famous novel Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes. The novel and the ballet live separately and the ballet performance is naive, inflammatory, amazing, life-affirming, colorful and festive.

The brilliant era of the “Don Quixote” ballet is linked with the name of Marius Petipa. “Don Quixote” is his best creation. Having traveled to Spain, he found the spirit and learned the dance traditions, so he could bring these richness and originality to the stage.

In 1869 Marius Petipa staged the comic performance to Minkus music, telling a story of the failed wedding of a young beauty and a rich nobleman, because of the true love of the heroine to a poor guy. In 1900, a new production of Don Quixote was staged by Alexander Gorsky. Gorsky kept the scenario plan and, partly, Petipa’s choreography. Since then this ballet was staged many times but all productions are derived from this classical version. It’s very popular among the viewers, and artists like to include its parts into the concert programs and perform some parts at different contests.

 The Musical theatre of Karelia had already staged this ballet in 1961, and now it presents this ballet again. Colorful and very theatrical Spain is presented on the stage by the whole ballet company. Beautiful music, simple and funny plot and dynamic choreography are inherent parts of this performance. The ballet "Don Quixote" is the pledge of a truly festive and good mood.



Premiere date: 5 July 2016

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

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For viewers over 6 years old