ballet in three acts


Choreographer - Kirill Simonov

Musical Director - Sviatoslav Luther (St. Petersburg)

Conductor - Alexey Nyaga

Production Designer - Emil Kapelyusch (St. Petersburg)

Costume Designer - Jana Glushanok (St. Petersburg)

Lighting Design - Alexander Mustonen (Finland)


Cinderella - Alevtina Mukhortikova

Prince - Ivan Azanov

Step-mother - Eduard Demidov

Step-sisters - Yuka Idzumi, Yuki Okochi

Fairy-godmother - Julia Vinogradova


Musical theatre offers viewers completely new, largely unexpected version of the well-known classic. Choreographer  Kirill Simonov learned the idea of ​​staging from the dramatic music of Sergei Prokofiev. Score is filled with themes of big and touching love and at the same time a premonition of something fatal and tragic. Performance scenography affects by monumentalis of  architectural forms, designing stylization of costumes and interiors, encourages the audience to a journey through time and space and transports in the forties of the XX century. Before the eyes rapidly sweeps the life of the whole generation. The era of beauty and elegance gives way to a ruthless war years. But even  this time in Simonov’s work is  in its own attractive, human values ​​are at the heart of ballet dramatic collision. The creators of the ballet inhabit the ballet by characters that are in specific temporal and spatial circumstances."Cinderella" is full of humor, colorful characters and memorable images.In 2013, the ballet was nominated for the National Award "Golden Mask" once in seven categories.Lighting Designer Alexander Mustonen received the prize!

Premiere date: 18 May 2012

Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes

For viewers over 12 years old

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