A. Adam

Ballet in two acts

Libretto by T. Gautier, J. Saint-Georges, Jean Coralli based on H.Heine legend

Choreography  by Jean Coralli, Jules Perrot and Marius Petipa


Choreographer -  Ekaterina Klimkova

Musical Director - Mikhail Sinkevich

Production Designer - Vyacheslav Okunev


Giselle - Alevtina Mukhortikova, Yuka Idzumi, Yuki Okochi

Albrecht - Zhargal Tubchinov, Motoya Araki, Takahiro Tsubo 

Bathilde - Alevtina Mukhortikova, Elena Sagyndykova, Maria Zabolotnaya

Myrtha - Mao Fudzimuro, Yuka Idzumi


"Giselle" is the eternal ballet. This performance always attracts viewers by the  perfection of classical choreography, touching plot of legend about love and death and soulful music. Again and again we have a longing to this beautiful, sad and bright history.

The plot of  the ballet is based on the  old legend about Willis – girls  who died of  unhappy love and, turned into magical creatures, they  dance  to death  young people who dared to come to the cemetery at night, avenging them for their ruined life.

Ballet, which is the part of  repertoire of  all world  leading ballet theatress, which for half a century did not leave the scene of our theater, has found a new life here. Choreographer Ekaterina Klimkova (Mariinsky Theatre) staged "Giselle" referring to the classic version of Marius Petipa. Since his work ballet remains almost inviolable - so flawless is masterpiece of the master in its drama and choreography.

Premiere date: 27 March 2014

Duration: 2 hours

For viewers over 6 years old

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